South African Vacation Part 1

Cape Town

It seems like our trip to Cape Town, South Africa was in the planning stages for a year. And here it is nearing the end of our most wonderful adventure.

We arrived a few days in advance of a very special family wedding, staying a few days in the southern suburbs at Hope of Constantia. This was one of the most magical places I have ever seen. The property was large enough to house all our travelling family with room to spare. The outside space was like a healing spa for those of us who travelled far and loved the opportunity to escape from the early onset of winter at home.

Braai you say?

We were introduced to the fine art of BBQing South African style. The bride’s brother Nicci worked his magic at the Braai carefully cooking the food to perfection. This is always a special event! The braai is a barbeque that starts with certain types of wood, burnt until is creates a bed of hot coals, and then the meat is placed on to cook. Lamb and springbok sausages. Lots of salads. Family gathering.

And the wedding of course

The reason for this trip was a most wonderful family wedding. Such a beautiful event, ceremony and location. All so very special an we feel so grateful for having attended.

African vacation Part 2 - the Safari to follow…

All the best of the season to you