WIP Poured Painting Reveal

My nervousness exists

Well I did it.  I was procrastinating but I got around to it.  I was quite nervous about trying to do a poured painting with water and clouds.  I mean clouds are soft and water is fluid.  Poured painting is edgy...it has edges and shapes and did I mention edges?  

Moody Moment - poured watercolour by Helen Shideler

Sometimes with a poured painting - they look pretty good with the heavy layers of masking compound literally masking the painting underneath it all.  At some point you have to suck it up, take a deep breath and go for it.  Get that crap off....

Peel off the bandaid

Then I didi it.  I had to build up to it.  Schedule it.  And then I went in. Grabbed my rubber cement pick up and removed all the masking compound.  And you know all my removal anxiety was unfounded ..it was not half bad.   Actually is was pretty good.