WIP - Picotee Petunias - Poured Painting

Helen Shideler Poured FLoral  

Pretty purple picotee petunia petticoats 


Ahh, the name game and I am stuck on “p” alliterations

Never wanting to be hokey, looking for a name that sticks…well, this is just tempting.  Likely a poem in here somewhereThis is the most pre-planned poured painting I have worked on.  I knew the colors before I started.  I had them all laid out - rich magentacarmine quin red.  All delicious shades!  Even through all the layers of masquing compound I was pretty happy with the way the painting was developing.  Once I removed the masque,  I almost called it finished, but I know the next step will bring it to life!  Stay tuned!