A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

I may be thinking too much

but as I was working on this painting it occurred to me that these roses are actually rose coloured.  Is a rose rose? When is a rose not a rose? Not quite an epiphany but it is fun to say and to think about. And I am rather sleepy right about now... and obviously easily entertained.

WIP Helen Shideler "A Rose is a Rose"

I figure that

each petal takes me just under an hour to paint.  I paint each one wet in wet and let the colours flow into each other, then edit by removing some paint and adding some more deeper tones. In the photo above, well the colour is off.  When you take photos inside the camera reads the white background funny.  The pinks are close but the background is white not cream.  But you can definitely see it shaping up! I this the name of this painting will have to include something about a cascade.  

WIP Helen Shideler "A Rose is a Rose'

Starting to build dimension by adding in the green of the leaves.  They are really quite deep shades of green. I have stated one and cannot wait to get into the others.

WIP Helen Shideler "A Rose is a Rose"

Here is a close of of another area. 

Glow, Sunflower in Oil - WIP Update # 4

Helen Shideler-WIP Sunflower painting in oil.  This is new for me - being

Alrighty. I am back in the studio following the weeks of studio reno and painting and getting ready for the Kings County Studio Tour (which was an amazing success - thank you thank you everyone).   I was abel to get back to this sunflower painting in oil after the hiatus for obvious reasons.  Very happy with the progress.

Oil painting is solo slow, phew.

I think with with one more session I will be able to complete this one - stay tuned - Wednesday is the day.



WIP - Picotee Petunia - Poured Painting Completed

  Helen Shideler - Picotee PetuniaWell after taking a bit of a detour, I am calling this painting complete! This image is lower resolution and I am thinking some of the colour integrity has been lost - but you get the idea!   Two of the various stages are below.

Helen Shideler - Poured painting - WIP Helen Shideler - Poured Painting - WIP


WIP - Begonias on Parade Finally Finished!

This painting may have seemed to drag on forever - really completed a few weeks ago, however, our computer was in for repairs and just today we are getting things back up.  And OMG what adventure this has been.  Apple has a Voice Over function - it says everything you do, including ever number or letter you type or button you push.  Drove me crazy until, with the help of my friend Google, I was able to figure out how to shut it off.  I was beginning to think I would never be able to use this computer again! That aside, here is the finished painting.  There is a spider hanging out, see if you can find it!

Begonias On Parade by Helen Shideler

WIP - Update 3 - Begonias on Parade

Making some serious progress with a limited amount of time in combination with some travel to Atlanta and lots of other distractions.  However, I can now start to see the finish line!   In the upper right hand corner will be Hercules, a rather large webbing spider that is found, well...everywhere around our house in the summer. When you walk around our decks and gardens, it is wise to carry a stuck out in front of you to  clear the webs in as you go.  Really icky to face plant in a web. Trust me!  Personal experience speaking. Stuff nightmares are made of.... I have made peace with the yellow nickel mineral color for this painting.  Understand, I will never use mineral based watercolor paint again and unless someone can make a compelling case and oh, send them to me for free to try out!  The begonias on the right are just a funny color and this paint works. I tried every other share of yellow in my studio...and this works (humble pie) see definitions 2 & 3.

Begonias on Parade - Helen Shideler