duckie duet and easel troubles

Duckie Duet So today I had one of those days in the studio.  Easel Troubles.  Everything I touched went wrong. The bottom support on my big easel dropped to the floor (through my fingers) with a loud bang and a low bad word.  The ball bearings in the crank went rolling and all the itty bitty pieces of the mechanism separated.  We still have not recovered them all.  Anyone know how to reassemble a crank easel?

So I decided to use my smaller easel.  The air in the studio must be exceptionally dry this time of year.  Could not tighten it to hold the weight of a canvas.  The support that holds the canvas up kept sliding... you got it,  to the floor with a loud bang!    No fingers in the way this time.  So frustrated and with a few fingers throbbing I decided today may not be the day to start something new.

I have come to the conclusion that I will always be painting ducks. Most likely they will all be of mallards as they are so abundant where we live. Often there is a pair hanging out under our bird feeders rooting through and sunflower seeds that the other birds may have dropped or we have spilled on the ground.  And we do have some very duck attractive puddles in our yard every spring.

What should the painting be called? I am mulling over a few but nothing is saying "That's it!"

Just Ducky? Luck Ducky? How you Doin? (with the Joey from friends inflection - would most people get this?), My Place or Yours?,  My Nest or Yours?  (maybe a bit too riské), The Mister and the Missus? (personal favourite), Double Duck? or Town and Country? I so  need a cheesy pickup line to title this painting.  And I am stumped! Then I went to Duckie Duo and to "Duckie Duet".

This is an enhanced poured painting.  The pours were watercolor as are most of the ducks.  The snow on the ground was painted with transparent mixing white acrylic (great product) and the flicked on snow is titanium white acrylic diluted with water to be flickable.