Pretty Perfect Paint Prize Package

I am so completely excited!  And a bit dim!

Look at the wonderful prize package I just received.  

Art Supplies - Helen Shideler

Giddy with glee

I was very fortunate and won an award at the CSPWC Open Art Show in November.  The prize was a gift certificate for Stevenson Paint - made right here in Canada. And what was so wonderful (other than receiving the award) was that I was able to select the type of painting and colours that I wanted.  Oils.  Acrylics.  Watercolours.  Smorgasbord! Delightful! Giddy with glee me! I have to admit that it took me awhile to decide what to order.  So many choices and other artist materials as well.

A bit of Sleep deprivation

Oh my, you know you are tired when....we arrived home yesterday and there was a shipping notification on the door for a missed delivery.  

The conversation went - did you order something? Gary - no you must have.  Me - no I would remember of I did , I am sure I am not waiting for anything.  Gary - Katie must have ordered something. Me - she usually mentions it.  This went on for a bit.

Got in the car tonight and there was a box on the back seat.  So I asked who it was for.  Gary said it is yours.  I was baffled.  Me- really? What is it?

Then the light went on - PAINT!!!


Great News "Call of the Raven" Won an Award at the CPSWC Open Water Show

I received an email the other night notifying me that... 

Dear Helen, we are thrilled to inform you that your painting Call of The Raven has been awarded theD.L Stevenson Award, (Gift certificate award)....
Congratulations on this prestigious prize.
"Call of the Raven" by Helen Shideler

Pretty exciting.  Especially since I embarked on a project to paint ravens with the CSPWC Open Water juried show in mind.  Last year when we visited  Yellowstone National Park there were a number of particularly friendly ravens in the parking lot at Artist’s Point.   They were walking around the travel trailers looking for hand-outs and cawing their hearts out.  One raven in particular was following me around and without being intrusive, I was able to get many really nice reference photos.  I was literally on my knees looking him in the eye and chatting with him.  I knew he would be the subject of numbers paintings :)