My Painting in 2014 CSPWC Show

My watercolour painting "Sitting Duck"was accepted into the 89th Annual Canadian Society Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC) 2014 Open Water.  

This was pretty exciting in its own right as this juried show is open to international artists painting with transparent water-colour.

Then I received a phone call earlier in the week to let me know that my painting has won a Magazine Award - this is so exciting!  Recognition is both liberating (or is it validating?) and encouraging.  As an artist we are most often hunkered down in our studios working away in solitary wondering if we are on the right path.  Sure you work hard and are most hopeful but sometimes self-doubt creeps in.  Getting accepted into Open Water is a big deal for me.  This is the second painting I have had accepted into the show.

unknown title



"Sitting Duck" is one in a series of three highly detailed paintings I completed last year.  Each feather was lovingly painted and I truly felt excited with each feather completed....maybe because each feather took me closer to the finish line.   I have to admit I am motivated by complexity and detail...and many other factors like light and shadows.

This painting also received recognition last year (2013) at the SKB Small Works Exhibit in Dubois, Wyoming (2nd place water-colour).  I consider this one to be a keeper and will keep it "in the collection of the artist".

If you are in the Toronto area in the near future, would be a really nice show to visit!