WIP - Hat Trick - Update # 2

Contemporary realism painting of cowboy hats I have been slowly working away on this painting.  Learning with every step I take.  I found the clear gesso to be really useful.  The sanded surface was so slick and the gel/paint mixture I layered initially well resisted anything I wanted to paint over it.  The next step will be the hats and then I will call it done.  I have to resist going any darker on the boards - I do not want the underpainting of burlap to be lost.

Garden Classic - Painted in a Non-Traditional Way!

Garden Classic by Helen ShidelerI am almost not sure where to start with this story.  I had an idea in my head for complex or highly textured backgrounds.  Was not sure how to go about it at all.  When we were in Jackson Hole and visiting all the art galleries, a few of the artists were painting with new materials in exciting ways. Ampersand ClayBord and GessoBord to be exact.  I had purchased some of these bords to experiment with earlier in the year.  To be honest, I had no really clear idea of what to do with them. This trip proved to be inspirational in so many ways.  I figured out an approach for acrylics on this material. This painting method is very complex.  It involves many layers of underpainting with paint mixed with gesso while preserving your focal point.  And then sanding. And then sanding again with a finer grit.  Many times!  And then adding a layer of matte medium.  Only I only have gloss medium - so I went for it anyway.  I mean, I am experimenting - right? Really like painting on saran wrap!  But I stuck with it.  I almost abandoned it a few times, but my stubborn streak would not let me.  I will post the step by steps later this week.

The photo above make the painting look streaky - it really is not.  Just photographed in the house and the camera over compensated or something!