Late August acrylic seascape arrived safe & sound in Vancouver

This was a bit of a nail biter.  I paid the premiums with Canada Post to get the painting there quickly.  Two days after we expected it to arrive there was still no sign of the painting at its destination. I then checked the tracking number.  And they indicated it arrived two days earlier.  Just not to who I shipped it to.  Holy crap!!!  The building super had it - signed for it.  Just did not tell anyone!  Anyway, the new owners were able to track it down and now have the painting in their home . Phew.

The colours in this photo are a bit off - painting is not quite this blue and the grasses are more vibrant and are more golden orange. The lower resolution photo in this posting altered the colours.

Update # 3 Late August Completed!!!

So this is an interesting way to post a Work in Progress.  I can no longer show you the complete completed work....until I deliver it!  They would like to be surprised and see it in person first.  I can share the grasses have a wonderful orangey glow and you can almost feel their movement in the wind.  There are some brushy grass in the near front that were fun to paint and add much to the depth of the painting.   I discovered a new colour in acrylic  - nickle Azo Yellow.  Really have to be careful with this one - a little goes a long way - and I mean  a long way.   Almost as bad (as good?) as Payne's Grey

The colours of the ocean waves include a mauvey glow and cerulean blues.   The waves and ripples have  dark areas that were developed with Payne's Grey.  The cresting waves have a hint of a golden glow.   The beautiful colours of late August.

I will spend the next two or three days staring at the painting - wondering what modifications if any are required.  From there I will remove it from the stretcher bars and send off to Vancouver!   I may want to do come colour balancing on this - but for now, it just feels finished.

Update # 2 - Late August

After taking the cloudy sky to this point, I started to focus on the water.  I laid in the first wash and then worked specific areas to lighten some areas and deepen the horizon.  Confession: the level of detail in the water frightens me!  I almost did not know where to start.  I decided I had to make a decision to start somewhere.  I chose to start with the lower left corner of the water– that way I could focus  my attention on a specific area and begin to develop some detail and work outward from there.  It was a good decision as I could see where it was going.  Well, that worked for a while.  Then I got a little anxious and wanted to start pushing some paint around.  I had more fun painting the water in this manner.  I must have applied five layers of glazes.   Good to remember: Each glaze has to dry thoroughly before you apply the next – or the second glaze will lift off the first glaze.  Really not a good thing!  

Then I looked to the foreground and decided to slop some paint around in this area. I knew I had to deepen the under painting.  So I played around in this space.  The next painting session I will focus on the grasses and fence.  Then I will go back into the water.  The overall painting is looking darker that it will be… this is part of that awkward stage