WIP - Hat Trick - Update # 2

Contemporary realism painting of cowboy hats I have been slowly working away on this painting.  Learning with every step I take.  I found the clear gesso to be really useful.  The sanded surface was so slick and the gel/paint mixture I layered initially well resisted anything I wanted to paint over it.  The next step will be the hats and then I will call it done.  I have to resist going any darker on the boards - I do not want the underpainting of burlap to be lost.

WIP - Hat Trick

WIP - Hat TrickSo this little (11" x 14") experiment is taking forever and making me think really hard.  It all started with a piece of burlap and me wondering what in the heck to do with it.  So, I figured background texture for something rustic.  Then it occurred to me.  I knew form the minute I saw these three hats and the nest I was going to paint them! Many coats of think acrylic paint and gesso. And many many attempts to sand it smooth.  Apparently, I was using too high a grit of sandpaper for this process.  Live and learn.  On the learning note, you are supposed to use matt gel medium - not gloss.  Gulp.  Clear gesso to the rescue (I hope). I will let you know with the next post…..