WIP - Birds of a Feather Update #3

Otherwise known as the Fine Art of Procrastination!

Work in Progress - Helen Shideler

Turns out I am pretty good at it!  You know the feeling -  when something is really big and complex or labour intensive and you would rather have a root canal than tackle it?  Yepper.  I got it.  Since I first started this painting I have completed 4 others and started three more!

This past week I got looking at this piece once again and realized it was further along than I thought.  Originally, I was hoping to keep the base light in tone with the drip marks quite evident.   After a time of scrutinizing the work I have already done, I knew I have to rethink my approach.  The top of the painting is heavy in tone with the colours of the large evergreen.

I photocopied my reference photos in black and white and increased the contrast.  The original reference photos are pretty much monochromatic.  I really need to see the contrast in order to move forward.  This was helpful.  I do not know why I hadn’t thought of it before now!  May be the eight paintings I have in play right now have kept me busy enough not to focus here.  Procrastinate much?

Deep breath.  I went in and started to darken the branches of the weeping mulberry shrub.  When I step back now, I am pleased with the progress and realize I have to take the whole shrub even deeper.  Stay tuned for more progress….

You procrastinators out there have to read this. It explains why we are what we are!  http://waitbutwhy.com/2013/10/why-procrastinators-procrastinate.html