Still a work in progress....slow progress

Tedious tediumtweedle tweedle dumb....

When I get to this stage in a painting - I often wonder "what am I thinking?".  Seems like I have been working on this piece forever.  Don't get me wrong.. I love the complexity and all the detail.  It is just at this point I am getting excited for the next painting - without any shade of pink.  Have I mentioned that each petal takes at least an hour to complete?

This painting will require at least three more sessions to complete.   My favourite stage is when I look at the work and start to balance the colours - a little bit more colour here - and little more darks in there. This really makes the painting pop.

I have my next painting sketched out - actually I have three more sketched out - two more watercolors and one in oil. May have something to do with my anxiousness to complete this.