Spruce Shadows

Spruce Shadows Oil painting by Helen Shideler Whenever I come home I always take a look around the yard to admire all our years of planting and nurturing the landscape.  This particular view is of a little stand of spruce and fir trees we planted at the side of our drive way.  Impressive to us as as not so very long ago they were little trees (loving and some ruthlessly dug up from a friends yard in the pouring rain).  I say lovingly, at first it was.  But as the day progressed and we dug up so many trees to create a double tree line at the back of her yard and a few more for us that we just started ripping them out.  By the time we were through with this adventure we were soaked to the skin and scratched up pretty good.

That was a few years ago.  And now they look like trees! I love the shadows they cast on the cold, clear winter days.  Reminds me of lace somehow.  At first I thought I would paint them en plein air.  Then the sissy in me got a grip and I took a lot of photos trying to capture what I was seeing and feeling.

 This is a 14" x 11 " oil on GessoBord