Sketch Book Memories

Working away in my studio getting ready for the 2015 Kings County Studio Tour, when I came across a number of my sketch books. There are some wonderful memories in a sketch book.  I love how sketching makes time fly.  Really quite unbelievable how you can get lost in doing a sketch. Every year it seems we take on a challenge just before the tour. This years challenge getting ready is installing new flooring for the studio.  During the week of the tour.   Last year the challenge was to paint the studio.  Everything had to be taken out and crammed into adjoining rooms.  Phew!  No stress in that.  So this year, my husband though we should have flooring installed. It really does need the flooring - we do not want people tripping over the height difference.  Once again we (really he) cleared everything out of the studio and crammed the stuff into the adjoining rooms.  He is down there working away right now. And I am taking photos of my sketch book, reminiscing and blogging.

IMG_8234_newWhen I get the chance to travel I almost always have my sketch book nearby.  You never know when the inspiration is going to hit you.  Like outside the apartment window.... Vancouver is lovelyIMG_8235_newOr when the movies at your seat are unavailable, they are available for the rest of the seats on the plane, just in your row and it is a long flight...IMG_8237_newSometimes the people around you are inspirational.  I love this guys hair!


Plaid shirts, well who could possibly resist? Have to draw that

IMG_8239_newOr when the flight is just too long and you have already watched two movies and there is not enough time to catch another one.

Sketching on a plane is hard work,  The plane is moving and it throws your hand/eye coordination.  And sketch books are awkward.  I will be keeping my eye out for one that has coils and can be folded back.  When they are open flat they are awkward because there is limited room on that tiny table.  Strangely enough no one really checks out what you are doing.  Usually people cannot resist watching and asking questions.

IMG_8240_newOr when you are enjoying a meal in a restaurant when you literally have the place to yourself other that that one other weary traveller at the table near youIMG_8241_new And then there is the view of your table

IMG_8242_newOr waiting to take the red eye back home