SKB Workshop in Dubois WY 2014

It is so had to believe another year has come and went.  Attending the SKB workshop in Dubois again this year was almost a completely different experience from last year.  Last year I spent most of the week in complete awe!  Getting to meet my Art Colony friends in person and hang out with them f2014 me and Mortor over a week.  Amazing.  So many memories.  The guest artists last year included Robert Bateman!  That was a once in a life time experience. This year, not to be overshadowed from last year, was also pretty remarkable with James Gurney as the featured artist.  The returning  instructors and guest artists were pretty much the same very impressive group as the previous year.  Only this year I felt I "knew" them a bit.   Their faces were familiar and it was easier deciding what to do.  The week is so busy and has so much opportunity it is truly overwhelming - only in a good way.  Two of my Art Colony friends were there - Ellie Sethman and Marilyn Wear.   So good to see them again. We participated in the annual Small Works show for SKB participants. And my husband joined me as well.  This was very special. Gary and I arrived in Colorado the week prior to explore the area. And explore we did! Pikes Peak, Estes Mountain Park, Colorado Springs, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, The Garden of the Gods, the season opener of the Denver Broncos football game, Yellowstone. Oh my. We drove through a snow storm and had temps of -10 degrees C in Yellowstone.   Everyday was an adventure.

Guy 2014 Andrew

Some of the hi lights include having my photo taken with Guy Combes, Andrew Denman and attending Morten Solberg's workshop.  Can you tell how excited I was to be there?