Plein Air painting in Prince Edward Island

Ahh... a week on Prince Edward Island... for my daughter's wedding.  A week of celebration, of good company, beaches, vacation and fine eating.  Oh, and celebrating!  After we were there for a few days, I managed to break out my watercolours and complete over a dozen plein air paintings over the course of a few days.  It was interesting to see the paintings developed - how the sky changed as the day progressed and how very quickly the clouds changed shape!    Hard to keep up with.  The one lesson I have to re-learn every plein air session, is how very quickly you must paint!  This from a meticulous painting person.  Really goes against my first nature.  But it is truly the only way to paint outside successfully.

Oh, and we got to fly a kite as well.   We purchased it after a trip to Vancouver a few years back .  We stumbled upon a kite flying contest and demonstration for Father's Day and well... I got it in my head I needed a kite!   This was the first time it was out of the plastic (shame).  This is a painting of Gary flying it!

And the beautiful bride with her handsome groom....

and one of my favourite photos of my daughter the beautiful the bride chilling after the ceremony!