Painting Smallish - near St. Andrews NB, Canada


Painting in miniature (for me)

I have been experimenting with Claybord.  Mainly because I bought a whack of the stuff by accident.  I was really after GessoBord.  As it is pricier than 300lb watercolour paper I really need to try it out rather than toss it out . I ordered the stuff on-line – the only drawback to purchasing art supplies this way is that it is not easy to do returns when you ordered from another country.

ClayBord is about as slick as yupo but on a rigid surface. I quite like it.  It is like having to learn to paint all over again.  Forget everything you thought you ever knew about painting with acrylic or watercolour! There will be no expansive washes on this stuff – better off to focus on lots of texture.  I am learning.   Will be really evident with my next post of a swimming mallard! Oh help me….

This image has been compressed for the post - unfortunately this process changes the colours.  I will work on another solution. Painting is only 8" x 8" - had my eyes crossed to paint