Shooting birds as reference photos

Oh-me-oh-mi.  I have been shooting birds. Shooting birds as reference photos for future paintings. A lot of birds and I have so many ideas of what to do with them all.  So much work to do.  So many paintings dancing around in my mind!  I almost do not know where to start. Oh the possibilities I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit this summer.  During the course of my adventures I have been photographing some interesting settings.  From a stand of dead trees, to many beaches, to an old post and rail fence.  They are perfect backdrops for bird paintings that I have in mind.  Perfect for paintings of crows, seagull and ducks.  I have been chasing sandpipers for about two years for reference photos for a commission and this past Labour Day I actually got them.  I am happy about that.

During the course of the winter you will see several paintings emerge from my studio based on  the amour of photography I was able to do this summer.

And I pretty much have to wait until I get back from the SKB Workshop in Wyoming this September before I can get going on them  (Susan Kathleen Black Foundation).