Making Waves

Making Waves This little 8" x 8" painting of mallard drakes was an experiment. I finally cracked open my new set of fluid acrylics.  Additionally awhile back I purchase a variety of Ampersand products…not really knowing what I was doing. I though I knew or at least had a clue. You see, the product I thought I was buying was Gessobord.  I bought Claybord instead.  This is a rather tricky surface. Very slick.  The paint in intended to apply in thin transparent layers.

I drew out the mallards knowing this was play time for me and I am really happy with the results.  Try as I may, I could not get the sharp level of detail I am accustomed to.  The paint seems to float on the surface and blending is tricky.  But I like it, enough so I have started another one!