What I learned

What I learned while attempting to Painting 30 28 Paintings in 30 Days -  once I got over my initial fear of the magnitude of the commitment and started the work.  First I went into this with a few ground rules for myself:

  1. I would not compromise on quality
  2. I wanted to use this challenge to explore new surfaces and mediums


What I learned:

I like to paint watercolors on larger paper 11.5 x 14, what we call ¼ sheet.  It took only Day 1 and Day2 for me to realize this was not sustainable. They just take too long!

Factory made canvasses always require an additional coat of gesso.  Without it you get little white spots or spaces that really show up through the paint.  Grrrr!

I LOVE Ampersand Claybord and Gessobord with acrylic paint.  The panels allow me to paint with the degree of detail my work is known for

You have to learn how to paint all over again when you use Claybord – it is slick and absorbent and has a personality all of its own.  I do love how the paint appears brighter on this surface that it appears on canvas.

I cannot compromise detail.  Can’t.  Nope not possible.  I am unable to paint loose because it looks unfinished to me.  I am compelled to go back in.  As a result of this quirk, my little paintings took 3-4 hours to complete.   One or two took much longer – hence the 2 shy of 30.

Have I mentioned I do not like painting small-scale with acrylics on canvas - Acrylic on canvas has to be reserved for HUGE pieces?

Sometimes you have to grab yourself by the shoulders and say get to the studio.  Once there I was pretty happy about it.

It is ok to squeeze out too much paint.

Use a strippable palette on your palette for easier clean up – and to switch out colours if foolish enough to try to paint two at a time.

Acrylic paint can go pasty in the tube – time to replace it.  Most of the brands do this. Tri-Art tubes and lids are garbage.  I love the paint but it is not much good to you if you cannot use it.  Oh and their mirror pigment is amazing! Also dried up in the tube!  Wonder is they still make it?

Metallic and iridescent paint flattens your work, or can make it look too crafty.  Use with caution.

People love to purchase smaller paintings ☺.   A number of people were excited to start their new art collection! Gotta love that!!!

IMG_7913_new IMG_7912_new