Ick. Ick. Ick. Ick!

  So I have a bug story, not a painting, may never be a painting, but a bug story.  Last night, while in the wash room, I noticed something icky in the tub.  It was a little bug with oversize pincers.  It was moving the pincers well, like a crab – ick.  So, with the assistance of my good friend Google, I set out to find out exactly what it was.  (No

tice the tense here – yes, I did it in after the appropriate amount of staring and being fascinated with it – ick!).

It is a pseudoscorpion.  Have I said ick yet?

This is a small arachnid (kin to spiders, ticks, mites, etc.). They are general predators on other small arthropods and are completely harmless to humans or pets.

There are over 200 species of pseudoscorpions in North America. Although very common, they are only occasionally found indoors and then only a few at any given time (phew).  Pseudoscorpions may be found in any room in a home, although they are usually more common in relatively damp areas, such as laundry rooms, basements, and bathrooms – that is where I found it. Despite their appearance, pseudoscorpions are harmless to people.

 Pseudoscorpions, literally 'false scorpions', are small (most are about 1/5 inch long) and reddish or brown. They have oval, flattened bodies with two conspicuous pedipalps (pincer-like appendages). When they walk, they often appear crab-like. They can move as quickly backward as they move forward. Without their large pedipalps 9funny word for pincers!), pseudoscorpions look very much like ticks. Ick!