Heading on Back - SKB Workshop

Press Release - For Immediate Release  Contact: Pam Dean Cable   Ph: 719-748-7778; email: ravensable@aol.com

Executive Director, Susan Kathleen Black Foundation

Headwaters Arts & Conference Center 

20 Stalnaker, Dubois, Wy

Thursday, September 18 

Instructor Quick Draw 9:30 a.m., Ballroom

Featuring James Gurney, John A. Ruthven, Mort Solberg, Matthew Hillier, Greg Beecham, Jeanne Mackenzie, Mark Kelso, Guy Combes, Christine Knapp, John & Suzie Seerey-Lester,  Lee Cable, Andrew Denman, Nancy Foureman, Janene Grende, Heiner Hertling, John Hulsey, Wanda Mumm, John Phelps, David Rankin & Connie Spurgeon

Silent Auction 5-8pm

Quick Draws, Original Artwork, Africa photo safaris and much more open for bidding

Miniature Art Show open to the public Sep 15-19, 2014

One-hundred seventy-five career artists and art industry professionals will attend from around the country.  The SKB Foundation has assembled some of the nation's top nature artists.  (landscape/scenic, floral, western, figurative, still-life, domestic and wild animals) whose work you may bid on.

The silent auction representing work and other donations by the artists and instructors will be available to bid on Thursday, September 18, 5-8 p.m.  100% of the auction proceeds go to benefit the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation’s art education programs.  Join us for this important cultural event.