Guess who was just elected as a Member of the CSPWC?

So... I am really excited by this...
I recently received  a phone call from Ron Hazell to say that I have been elected through thier annual juring process for membership of the CSPWC - Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour .  Once I received the phone call,  I then had to participate in the verification stage by  taking all six of the paintings I submitted to Nora Gross, the Regional Director for the Eastern Division and one of the selection committe members.

This pretty much meant an eight hour round trip drive from Quispamsis to  Dartmouth, NS.  However, today was the perfect day for a rather long Sunday Drive!
By the time we got home, the paperwork  was already emailed to me.  Hooray:) . So now I have to complete the paperwork and courrier the selected painting "Maritime Blues" to the CSPWC office in Toronto for it to be included in their  Diploma Collection.
Once, I have gotten all this  sorted out, I will be able  to include CSPWC after my name. Very excited by all this and feeling pretty honored and special.
So far, 2012 is shaping up to be a very good year!