Glow - WIP Update #2

GLOW - WIP by Helen Shideler And yet another journey.  I started this one with a light acrylic sepia underpainting and rubbed out the light areas.  Looked pretty cool even at this initial stage.  Then I started painting with acrylics.  And the paint was applying really streaky.  Acting really weird, almost like fluid acrylics on claybord…only duller.  I applied a few layers in certain areas and I was still not satisfied with way the painting was ‘feeling”.

So I did was any self-preserving artist would do.  I cracked out the oils.  Instant gratification.  I love the buttery texture of oil paint and the vibrancy of the colours.  Love them almost as much as watercolours! And that my friends, is saying something!

On my journey of getting re-acquainted with oil paints this year (in preparation for another plein air trip to Wyoming in September), I have been working with M Graham oils.   The ones made with walnut oil.  I thought I was in love when one of my on-line artist friends (Marilyn Wear) asked me why I was not using water soluble oils because clean-up is so much easier.  Well, I had to give that some consideration.  And yes, I have the paint.

I love the M. Graham oils.  Only they are messy and I really like to keep my work clean and crisp.  They are messy because if you do not have 20 or so brushes at the ready, you are constantly cleaning the brushes so you do not muck up your paint with colours unintended.

The water soluble oils ….well you just clean your brush, dry it and you can dip into whatever colours you like with the same brush. Just remember not to thin your paint with water.  Easy peasy!!

Shaping up fine – I would say. I cannot wait to finish this one!