glow, sunflower in oils - update #5

Sunflower painted in oils I am truly learning a lot working with oil paint.  I forgot anything I ever new from years ago.  And it is a new playing field as the paint has really evolved.   The water mixable stuff is supreme!   Low odor and easy clean up.  I do have a product preference on this one – my beloved brand with watercolors comes up short with water soluble oil paint.  Too pasty – much like tooth paste.  And I bought a lot of it with high hopes.

Although I admit the drying time surprised me – I was hoping it would somehow be quicker – for a hurry-up-and-wait kind of person like myself – it is hard to be patient.  You are in this gig for at least 7 to 8 weeks!

I finished this up by increasing the colour density to where I wanted it, painted in the lone bee and crisped up the detail.  Crisping is challenging with oil paint.

I am very happy to say “Glow” has been sold and I have a commission for a similar one.  Life is good!