Garden Workshop and WIP Drama Queen Update 2

Such a wonderful weekend! We had a garden worksop scheduled for yesterday - only to have to reschedule until today because of potential thunderstorms.  And I am so glad we did!   Thunder raging overhead and torrential rain!  Today was somewhat calmer and with so much less humidity.  Had a somewhat smaller group thatn we expected and it was wonderful.  We got to laugh, share a pot luck lunch and get to know each other.  Good times!

We worked diligently, weighted our material and lunches down with rocks and painted the day away. Some worked in watercolors, some worked with acrylics as watercolor.

And we had a surprise visitor.  Took our breath away! We could not believe how close she came to us.





I have also been slowly picking away at Drama Queen, the Dizzy Lily.  I have discovered that at this time of year, I am not a fair weather painter.  In fact, the nicer the day the less likely I am to paint.  Round here summer is like a religion - if the sun is out then  so are we,  we devour every freaking sun ray!  Winters are long... spring is wet and foggy and well summer can be just as wet and foggy.