Full Spectrum - my 9th solo exhibition at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John, NB...


Imperial Theatre Exhibition Committee presents... Helen Shideler: “Full Spectrum” August 29, 2011 to November 14, 2011

Show Opening on Saturday, September 17th from 2pm-4pm

There will be a meet and greet on Saturday, September 24th during the Harvest the Arts Festival from noon to 3:00pm

Hope to see you there....

Helen ShidelerHelen Shideler Imperial Theatre Exhibition Committee (ITEC) presents the beautifully detailed paintings of Saint John artist Helen Shideler.Over the years, Helen Shideler has developed a distinctive style, full of life and a sense of whimsy. The use of vivid colours, focusing on details and precise handling of the paint, have become her signature — her visual voice.Helen’s work includes florals, landscapes and portraits, and can be found in numerous private and corporate collections in Canada and in the United States. Having always been an active supporter of regional art events and organizations, her work has been included in numerous invitational and juried shows across Canada. This active participation has presented her with numerous exhibition opportunities, recognition and awards, including Best in Show. To date, she has held eight solo exhibitions and this show, Full Spectrum, with Imperial Theatre, markers her ninth.Helen has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. Although the subject matter may have changed with time, what has not changed is her attraction to nature; being drawn in by sunlight, shadows, textures and the details in all the rich colours. For her, painting is a celebration of life and how light and colour interact . . . an intimate experience — from the original photography sessions through the visualization exercise to the initial sketches and beyond.For me the joy is in the challenge — the complexity, and getting it right.  I constantly strive to hold myself to the highest standards.  And yet, I subscribe to the philosophy there is nothing you can’t fix, you just have to go for it! - Helen Shideler

Full Spectrum is a vibrant and exciting collection of paintings, which will remain on display in Imperial Theatre’s main lobbies until November 14th and can be viewed during regular Box Office hours, as well as on performance nights.