Fresh batch of Art Supplies-ez

There is nothing quite like receiving an order of fresh art supplies.  I remember when my daughter was young, she would pluralize pluralized words such as school supplies-ez.  Whenever I reference the word in this type of context, my memory takes me back to a young Jenn, who with all the enthusiasm she could possible muster, would begin to insist in early  July that we must, absolutely must venture out to the stores to start to purchase her schools supplies-ez. She would then touch each item as if there were magic.  Or somehow loved her back. IMG_4267

I get it. I love my art supplies-ez. I just recently received an order of Ampersand Claybord, Aquabord and Pastelbord in various smaller sizes that I would normally use.  I am now dreaming of all the possibilities in front of me.  What colors I will use and which texture for which subject.  It is a lot more than I can bear. And Oh, now I can use my beautiful Prismacolors on the pastelbord!  So excited!

And then there is the new, fresh tubes of paint.  Replacement colors, except for the luscious red I could not live without.  There is something delicious about red paint. About finding that tube of pure red, no pink, no blue, pure red! And it is EXPENSIVE!  Such a treat!  As I lovingly held my precious new tubes of color, placing them gently in my storage containers that I  sort by color for easy snatch and grab, I noticed I now have three tubes of  RED????  you got it - I have a few!

Note to self.  Check your stock before you get pulled in by all the delicious colors available on-line!

Stick to your list Helen!