Encore - Water colour painting of Hibiscus

Helen Shideler - Encore Performance This is an interesting watercolour painting of a hibiscus that grows in my corner garden… it is the last plant to emerge in the spring and the last plant to bloom in the garden.  Usually, it blooms inly after the first frost….and it takes it's sweet old time.  Teasing us.  And then.. WOW!  Every year I promise if it blooms on time (before the first frost) I will paint it.  Mother Nature has not exactly been on my side with this.

I get a little anxious towards the end of August each year as I watch the wine coloured buds swell  promising  to soon open. I am so hopeful that they will actually open before the first frost and I might get to see them unblemished.  It really hasn’t happened yet.  So my lovely hibiscus almost always has a bit of frost bite on her lovely deep wine coloured blooms.

This past year was no exception.  All my reference photos show the frost bites on the hibiscus petals.  I know I could have painted them out – but this is my reality with this flower. And frankly, I think they give the bloom some additional interest - although with all that saturated colour they do not need any help.

I called it “Encore Performance” as there are two more buds waiting to “show” themselves to us.