Sounds in my studio :(DSC03303While working away on on a 36" x 36" acrylic painting on a nice gallery wrap canvas, my easel let go.  Loudly!  The supporting brace that holds the canvas on the bottom let go and it went crashing through one of the support braces - shattering the wood!  It all came crashing down loud and fast.  The painting below is the dropped painting.  Scary - this is my second attempt at this one  - If it would have been damaged I would have taken it as a sign and  abandoned it forever.

On the Easel

You would have been impressed - I said, not even uttered a bad word!   I was just so shocked  and tried to figure out what happened.  It wasn't evident at first - other than the crashing down part.  Gary came to the rescue and figured it out quite quickly - and began the repair plan.

I on the other hand immediately began to fantasize about a shiny new Hughes Easel.  Getting a new  studio easel will have to wait - the new field easel I got for Christmas has not even been christened yet!  And the "Professional FIve" crank easel looks like it will be repaired and be stronger than ever!