Confessions of an Art Supply Addict

Oh this ordering art supplies on-line is such a guilty pleasure!  With just one click of my mouse I am on a web site that offers up a myriad of colours! Oh the potential!  Sometimes just seeing a new colour gets my juices going.  And I have to have it.  And I have to have it now!  Just think of the potential…of a lll the things I could create with that one fabulous new type of beautiful, saturated colour. DSC03451

Oh but it doesn't stop there.  They are many colours offered on that one page.  Opps, I am almost out of red.  Wait my yellow is going hard in the tube. Click and update shopping cart and I now have a new refreshed palette on it's way.  Wait again.  What's this?  A "Continue SHopping" button. Why yes, I may just do that.  Just in  case I am missing something. I have to take advantage of the free shipping.  Would not want to forget anything and have to order again would I?

Remember that new shade? And that new idea I had to use it? Well, I now need a new surface, hmmm maybe a square canvas. Wait - maybe a primed panel? yes.  Only I better order two.  I may want to do a companion piece, oooo or maybe a series.  Maybe I should order two.  No wait maybe three or four?  See where I am going with this?

So this time I can actually blame my spree on someone else (giggle).  My lovely daughter (aka Foodess) purchased some M. Graham oils as a gift (no serious hinting here) and brought them with her on her most recent visit with my grandson (sigh).  So now I need more what if colours!  What if I want to paint a yellow flower, or a purple hat? See where it goes?  See how it grows?


I swear, ordering on-line has to be the best thing that ever happened to art supply shops.