Christmas Commission Baby Boy

Portrait by Helen Shideler Young Oliver I am on a roll with my Christmas Commissions of a baby.  This is the first off the two.  Initially I had hoped to paint this in oil but I ran out of time largely due to my procrastination and of the amount of travelling I have done this fall.  I really do work best under pressure.  And the pressure is sure on.

The image below includes the photo reference provided by my client.  The colours are distorted by the interior lights.  I find it amazing how much colour distortion there is when shooting inside.  Interesting enough, the photo adobe is a little "cooler" than the painting really is.  And I shot it outdoors on a highly overcast day.

Portrait by Helen Shideler

This is the first of the two paintings I am doing of this child.  The photo below shows the painting in progress.  It is about three quarters complete.  I still have a lot of work to do with his hair and the skin tones.

Portrait by Helen Shideler Oliver is Super