Blooming Artists and a strange dance

A rousing thank you to the organizers of the 2013 Blooming Artists in Hampton this past weekend (proceeds for the John Peters Humphrey Foundation July 20 & 21)!  As a participating artist, I want to share how well-organized this event is and what a pleasure it was to have participated in this event once more!  I had the privilege of painting in two very beautiful gardens this past weekend and visit with the hospitable garden owners. Although the sun was sweltering, the vibrancy of the gardens and the warmth of the gardeners kept me inspired (not to mention the steady flow of cold water).

Back to the sun.  Oh my goodness! Hot as heck!  I found myself gravitating to the full sun and not the shade.  Why you may ask?  In a word and with a slight curse– DEER FLIEs!  Viscious, persistent, annoying and painful biters who also prefer the shade on hot sunny days.  So my palette was protected from the sun tucked in nicely under an umbrella.  I would have to go in for paint only to get chased back out into the sun by these pests. There was almost always more than one – they seem to hunt in pairs! The rythym was like a captivating dance with no grace what-so-ever.  In and out of the shade while flapping my arms with my paint brush tucked in my teeth while swatting various parts of my anatomy to scatter the darn old deerflies.  Back and forth into in the shade, get some paint on my brush flap and flick and then back to my painting in the sun.

Occasionally I had to stop.  Not to rest or refresh but to wipe the glow off my chin and out of my eyes.  My lovely, brand new straw hat was well indoctrinated.  The sweatband inside soaked and the hat part also drenched!  By the end of the day, I was a happy although sweaty glowing mess.  Coated in SPF 30 sunscreen and a generous coat of bug spray combined with a healthy um glow of perspiration running off my chin and down my back.

Day two was milder with a bit of a breeze and just as productive.  The dance, well was still required although not as predictable and constant.  I am sure my wonderful hosts of day one found the dance as entertaining as having a pretty determined water colorist painting diligently in their garden while talking to the deer flies! Scat, shoo etc

I produced six paintings over the weekend.  I managed to forget to photograph the one of the Mulberry leaves, however – these are a sampling of plein air painting