Black & Bruise

Oh my.  After my last post, I thought I would follow up right away with another post from Wyoming and share photos of some of the incredible animals we encountered - um actively hunted with our cameras. Well, sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes we fall down.  Yep, I slipped in the shower.  Pulled the hamstring muscle, smashed my behind, bruised my ego and am now on crutches.  My leg is a very colourful purple -ish, black & blue.  Literally blue! Weird!  People in their attempt to comfort me reminded me it could have been so much worse.  I know it could have been - but jeepers. And so with an injury like this I have been unable to get upstairs to get to the computer (until today) and share some of my prized photos of bison, sand hill cranes, trumpeter swans, otters, pronghorns and majestic elk! Until now!

The biggest thrill of all was encountering elk and bison in the wild.  Oh, and the young grizzly!  We had so much fun!  One of us would spot an animal and point.  Janet skillfully pulled the car over and we hopped out cameras, iPhones  iPads in hand and on the ready.  As soon as we pulled over, ten more SUVs would pull over and join us.  They rushed out of their vehicles carrying very impressive cameras with loooonnnng lens and tripods.  The long lens and tripods were often covered with camouflage material seriously outclassing us.  But, I can guarantee we had more fun thinking we were animal paparazzi.

We learned so much.  Serious photographers hang out in National Parks!

Feel I should add here that we were respectful of the animals’ boundaries and did not attempt to get too close