And the dust slowly settles

This has been a beautiful summer.  The weather cooperated in ways it seldom does on the East Coast.  We had sunshine, reliably and predictively (what the?).  And the fog was at bay (literally). Only seldom did it roll in at suppertime and chase us indoors.  It was truly remarkable.  Add in one daughter’s beautiful destination wedding in Prince Edward Island and the engagement of my second daughter and you cannot have had a better summer.

Our life was filled with family, new family members and visitors from near and afar both before and after.  They came to share in the celebrations  from Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Whistler, Melbourne Australia , Dubai UE, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick!  All this in less than 40 people.

The food, drink and company were fabulous (maybe a bit too much so - the diet starts now).  We all have memories to last a lifetime.  And we have a new expanded family to celebrate with!

This morning Jenn left to return to Vancouver.  Our house is remarkable empty already!

The whirlwind that was this summer is officially morphing into fall.  I will miss the colours of late summer 's warm glow.  I will not miss hornets, black flies, mosquitos or spiders.  The leaves have started to change and the days are becoming shorter.  Each day you can see a difference.

The flurry of fall activity starts now.  Back to the studio.  Back to work.  I am so excited!

The summer of 2012 - Darn near perfect!