Amethyst Sapphires (Delphiniums)

Every now and then I start a painting that I stall on.  This rather large acrylic painting of Delphinium is certainly one of those.  And I have finally figured out why.  It is complex.  When I begin a painting,  I complete a loose sketch for scale.  As I begin to paint I finesse the base sketch as I go along - if needed to differentiate between areas. With this painting is very difficult to differentiate between each petal.  The colors are vibrant and deep making it very challenging to understand what the shapes and shades are doing.  Good thing I know a thing or two about structure of Delphinium and painting flowers.

I love this colors of this one, all the magenta, purples and prussian blue with the yellow-green background.   I have to exaggerate the colors to develop the depth I am attempting to create.  And really, using my artistic license and modifying the colors is the fun part.