30 Day Painting Challenge Week 3

I am another week in.  And I have managed somehow to keep up. In order to come up with a painting a day, I noticed I have a bit of a trend going on.  I seem to select subjects in pairs.  Less thinking about it, I can get right to it and it is double the fun. I have been receiving a number of inquiries asking if these little paintings are for sale. They are. I have been so busy painting I forgot about that part.  I think I need help with this art marketing thing.   For more information you can visit my website by clicking here all the paintings are placed there  each day as they are completed.

Day 12

"Around the Bend" is an 8"x10" acrylic on Claybord of a spot at the Irving Nature Park in Saint John, NB.Around the Bend

Day 13

"Sunshine Yellows"  is a fun little sunflower painted in acrylic on canvas 6"x6"

Sunshine YellowDay 14

"For Dad" is 10"x8" acrylic on Claybord.  I think I giggled all the way through the painting of this lobster.  I was speaking with my friend Imelda today and said they cracked me up as I painted them. She asked if the pun was intended.  For a moment I drew a blank.  I did not realize that I even said that.  Then I repeated it.  Oh my.

For DadDay 15

This first lobster was so much fun to paint that I decided to paint another. "Guest of Honour"  is also an acrylic on Claybord  8"x10"

Guest of HonourDay 16

"three in the Tree" this was plain outright fun to paint.  The crows are almost always in the big ash tree in our backyard.  They seem to pose for my camera.  This  is a 6" x 12" acrylic on Claybord

Three in the TreeDay 17

Again with  the two similar kind of theme going on.  "Look Over There" is also a 6"x12" acrylic on Claybord.

Look Over ThereDay 18  SOLD

"Bouctouhe Boardwalk" has a nice feel to it.  I would like to be there right now.  Only have it  warm and sunny instead of the middle of January.  No lies, this was a tricky little beast to paint.  Little tiny line all over the place.  No repeat of this one unless it is huge! This is a 7"x5" acrylic on gesso board

Bouctouche Boardwalk