This time of year

This special time of year

Now that the main holiday is behind us, I can finally sit with a cup of ginger green tea and regroup - for the next wave that is.  This Christmas was quieter that usual with most of our family unable to be here.  We still put up the biggest tree we could find and lit the house up beautifully.  And, as I sit here writing this post, we have family travelling from afar to see us. Ringing in the New Year will be full of family fun.

Somehow I was better prepared for the holidays this year.  I had my list of shopping prepared.  Actually dedicated one day two days to shop.  Had our packages ready to be mailed with enough time for them to reach there destination - except for Bermuda- but who knew about their postal service - the package is still not there!  Rest of the gifts were wrapped with plenty of time to spare.  All-in-all I felt really good about my holiday preparedness.  

WIP Tender Blue by Helen Shideler

Then there is my painting

Commissions looked after on time. Hoped to finally complete the painting of the blue hydrangea.  Planned to have a good start on planning ideas for my blog and maybe even start a newsletter. Not entirely sure how I let this part of my life and planning get away from me.  These is still 4 days left in December for me to pull this off right?  Along with hosting a baby shower day after tomorrow! And playing with two grandkids! Right? Oh yes, and another commission due the first week of January.  No stress. 

Planning travel

Rather, planning time to plan to travel. And 2018 will require a lot of planning and juggling. So looking forward to all these exciting experiences. A new grand baby in March,  a wedding in Africa in December, plein air conference in Santa Fe in April, annual late August visit to Vancouver with my daughter and her wonderful family. I am so grateful we have the opportunity and means to go where we plan to go this coming year.

Setting intentions

I am planning to set my intentions and goals for 2018. I really love to do this. I put in a lot of time thinking this through and being intentional with what I focus on.  Hmmm, is that why we call them intentions? I write them down at the back of my journal.  The really important intentions may be written down multiple times.  Over and over and then reread multiple times during the year.  Helps me to stay focused on my goals and dreams. 

Keeping grounded

Of of my intentions for a long time was to participate in a drum making workshop. The stars lined up for me this year and I was able to join in a Grandmother Spirit drum making session at Lifestyles Health and Fitness in Hampton.  I totally loved this experience.  The cultural and spiritual journey was exactly what I needed in my life to remember to try to be grounded.  Being “busy" is not good for us.  This workshop helped me to remember to be focused, to be thankful, to be joyful and to be in the moment.  The journey is then celebrated during full moon drumming circles.  

Life is good  

Wishing you and yours the most wonderful of holidays and may your new year be full of happiness and blessings.