we have a happening little backyard pond

Our little garden pond is has proven to be a real happening place. 

It is a proverbial bee hive of activity.  Honey bees fly down to the pond to get a drink of water.  They will land on a lily pad and walk to the little puddle of water in the centre.  They will also land and a gently sloping edge rock and walk to the surface of the water.  I often wondered why there were so many of them.  This took us awhile to figure out.  You see we have pretty extensive gardens so you expect and hope for bees.  Why so many at the pond? There is a real congregation.  I really wanted to figure it out.  I would pay attention to the direction they were flying off to (secretly concerned they may be nesting under our deck).  There is only so long you can see a little bee flying away from you as they disappear into the landscape pretty quickly. They appeared to be leaving in the same general direction flying off towards our apple trees.  Here is where it gets embarrassing.  We were marveling over our buzzing visitors for a few summers when I happened to mention them to our next door neighbor.  Carol said something like… look up at the crest of the hill Helen towards Pat’s house.  See those white boxes at the back corner of her property?  Well they are bee hives. Pat is a bee keeper. Flash of embarrassment.  And I consider myself to be an observant person.

There is a little frog living along the rocks at the waters edge. It climbs out of the water to warm itself on the rocks on sunny days.  Every time I see him my heart skips a beat.  I am sure his does too because when it sees me there is a big splash as he jumps into hiding in the water.  I have been stealth like in my endeavours to catch a few photos.  

Another interesting visitor to the pond are dragon flies.  This is an interesting point.  Dragonflies seem to be self-aware.  As soon as I get my camera focused they are gone.  Darn.  I have missed so many photos.

The deer eat our garden plants close to the waterfall.  Sparrows like to bathe in the waterfall.  And Gary and I like to sit and bask in the comforting sound of the waterfall with an ever watchful eye for the next visitor.