WIP - Cascading Blooms Update 3

An interesting thing happened

when I was working away on this painting. I got distracted by another piece I had loosely sketched out.

Cascading Blooms by Helen Shideler


I realized I had most of the roses finished except for two in the background in the upper part of the painting.  For awhile I was not even certain that I was even going to add them in.  After starting the painting with a pretty loose sketch, I have been refining the sketch and pretty much drawing it as I work along.  Adding a leaf here and there.  Not adding in the large twigs.

Anyway, I have moved from the roses to painting leaves.  Now I love painting leaves.  That is often where the drama is.  Each leaf is taking about an hour or more to complete.  Then the strangest thing happened.  I started to get tired of working with green.  And I swear - I heard the sketch of the rhodos calling me.  Helen we are here, over here.  Come start to paint us.  We need so much more colour than green.  Really it is true.  

The hard stuff is next

The next phase in is painting is to cut out a masking film to cover and protect the roses. From there I will have to mask off the edges.  This will allow me to work the background with a degree of abandon and not have to worry about splashing dark colours on the blooms.