Spring Scentsation Update 2

Spring Scentsation is coming along.  

I have finally ventured into new colour territory.  Bring on the Greens

Spring Scentsation WIP by Helen Shideler

I love how some paintings are a constant joy as your work develops.  

I have loved every floret on this work.  Interesting enough I am also loving the freedom of painting the background.  Well, after I paint the edges around the florets!

But with this much detail and painting with small brushes for most of this I have not grown tired. Each new phase is engaging for me.  Usually when a painting is about 2/3 through I retire it until I get the next painting to this phase. Then I retire the new one for a bit.  Then go back to the first. Been a constant pattern for me. 

Funny, when I started this I was so sure I would use large brushes and paint loosely. Started it.  Went back in to refine the details. And was completely hooked on my small brushes once again.  Painting detail is who I am.  Exploring is one thing as long as you are true to who your are I guess.