Week 1 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days

I love this challenge

I particularly love this challenge when it happens in January.  It is such a perfect time of year to hunker down in the studio and paint till my hearts content. I take this opportunity to paint material that I have been thinking about for awhile, to explore new subjects, materials and techniques.  

Day 1 – “Lily”

I have a vision of painting many doggies on large scale canvases.  It is something I will get around to do one day – but in the meantime, painting dogs small scale during this challenge is great practice and fun.  I smile all the way through.

Day 2 – “Sitting Pretty”

Between Christmas and New Year’s I was on a photo mission. I braved the elements for many days patiently waiting for the right photo ops to present. I knew I was on a chickadee hunt as the cardinals have proven to be too elusive and skittish.  I guess being bright red they have to be very self-aware at all times.

These sweet little black capped chickadees are spending a lot of time in the brushed getting ready for their turn at our feeders. We get so much enjoyment out of their antics. They always seem to know we are there watching them - or are they watching us?

Day 3 – “Sing For Your Supper”

This little sweetie had just landed at the feeder and was all fluffed up. See, one foot has not yet fully landed on the perch. I tried to catch it in motion coming in - but that was a complete blur. They are freakishly fast. Anyway - He looks like he is so happy he is about to break into song!

Day 4 – “Ruffled Tail Feathers”

The chickadees wait for their turn at the feeder in the burning bush beside the house and in the grape vines that grow over the pergola.  They have may place to perch and I think pose for me.  This little fella I think had an altercation with something.  His poor tail is all ruffled and ragged.

Day 5 – “Playful Perch”

Ok, I think this little fella was posing for me.

Day 6 – “At the Feeder”

At this point I discovered that I can take photos through the window with my long lens.  Oh happy day.  No more froze nose and toes for me! Obviously I have spent a lot of time bird watching...stalking. This little guy was working so hard to crack the sunflower seed that he dropped it. Good thing the feeder was full!

Day 7 – “Patiently Waiting”

There is a definite pecking orer at our feeders.  First the red squirrels or furry birds as we call them.  Then the mourning dove and the grackle (why has it not migrated).  And then the chickadees.  I often refer to them as patient – but they are certainly not.

And I can honestly say - this is the last chickadee for awhile! Week one is behind me now and it is time to start another series. Gee, whatever will it be?