Miss Feya Lily WIP Complete


I finally managed to carve out enough time to complete this painting. It was so close.I started it well before the Holiday season and then life got in the way.  You know busy stuff.  Family stuff.  The stuff you need to take a time out for.  Only after I committed to the 30 Paintings in 30 Day Challenge for January… a good and productive way to ring in the new year.  


I love the passages in this painting, it may be cliché but it makes me think of generations.  The older blooms still stately with their colours fading to softer and muted tones.  The blooms that recently opened showing off their regal reds and intense pinks.  And the buds holding the promise of an impressive display of colour and vitality one day soon.  

My palette for this painting was pretty much monochromatic, heavily slanted to pinks, rose and magenta, along with maroon and a hint of purple.  I mapped out the colours on the palette to keep it all straight.

To follow up

Just before I finish a large painting, I typically sketch out the next watercolour.  I find if I ever have to think about what to paint next that I hit a dry spell waiting for inspiration to hit. Even when I am working on a large oil or acrylic, I will always have a watercolour in progress.  I have a pink climbing rose loosely sketched and two petals painted.  I have officially moved onto the next painting.

As in a lot of my work, can you spy the fly?