Day 20 & 21 - Star for a Day

Once again I find that I am int he position that my daily painting actually took two days. Oh well.

I have painted this lovely red daylily once before en plein air in watercolour.  The intensity of the colours kept calling out to me.  Originally I pictured this one as a giant acrylic painting, but have decided to paint it as an 8x 10” for the challenge.

I love the dark reds to almost black colour variations in the petals.  This subject provided a bit of a challenge to plan out what colours to mix to get the intensity right and not go too far.  It is funny, with watercolour I do not have to think – it just comes naturally.  Acrylic requires more planning as the colours dry darker that what you mix.

Star for a Day

 spent some time with my friend Google to see if I can identify the type of Daylily, perhaps to use in the naming of the painting. Well, there are many similar and I certainly cannot tell for sure.  Names from Black Pearl, Cape Cod, Dominic to Holy Moses and there were even more possibilities. That exercise really did not help – but I enjoyed the tour.   I have previously used “Scarlet Stunner” on a red dahlia painting, so that name was not an option.

My Day 19  painting for this event is called “In Flight”.  I really like the contemporary realism presentation when painting on Claybord and leaving the background white.  The subject really stands out as intended. 

This is a 8x10 x.5" acrylic on the always challenging Clayboard cradled panel - ready for  your wall

Available on my website by clicking HERE  for $200.

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