Day 11 - Spring Arrivals

One day this spring, I spent a good amount of time chasing this butterfly (not intrusively).  It went from rhodo to rhodo and bloom to bloom without setting on one place.  Then it landed! I was able to get a series of photos that I wanted to work with.  

Spring Arrivals

This painting  was an exercise in patience much like the photo session chasing the butterfly was!  It seemed to takes forever.  The dark colours in the background good seven layers of paint and you have to let each layer dry completely or the previous application will lift.  By the end of this painting session I have am sore between my shoulders.  

Today was supposed to be my catch up day as I missed posting yesterday.  Will have to be tomorrow now!

My Day 11 painting for this event is called “Spring Arrivals”.  This is an eastern yellow swallowtail butterfly in one of my rhododendrons.  Again, I took the photo indoors in the evening it looks a bit yellow.  The background is ultra white.

This is a 8x8"" acrylic on cradled Gessoboard - meaning no frame required.   It is ready to hang on your wall! 

Available on my website by clicking HERE  for $150

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