Birding Inspiration

I had a wonderful day yesterday.  One of my good friends and I went on a bit of an adventure to see migrating shorebirds at their last stop feeding location prior to leaving for South America.  This is impressive.  They fatten up on mud shrimp and actually double their weight in the short time they are there.  The area is protected and visitors are required to limit their activities to the look outs provided.

We drove a couple of hours to Johnson Mills Shorebird Reserve and Interpretive Centre  (an internationally renowned Nature Conservancy Canada property). Even though we were a bit late in the season, yes most of the birds have already left, it was still worth the effort. There were still enough sandpipers to put on an impressive show...and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  There were a few black bellies plovers and seagulls as well.

As usual, I took many reference photos.  Although it was not possible to get any close ups with my telephoto lens, I am happy more than with shots of the day. The sandpipers are very small and skittish and the impressive Bay of Fundy tide went out so quickly that the birds had lots of area of mud flats to look for food.