Bloomin' Artists Day 1

Today was the perfect day for painting in gardens. At first I was a little nervous.  It had been raining pretty much all week. And today was overcast, a bit of a fallish nip in the air - I am sorry to say - perfect for blood sucking bugs weather.

The Leopard's Pad - en Plein Air by Helen Shideler

This 10 x 8 Painting took quite awhile to complete.  The air was heavy with moisture due to the heavy cloud cover.  Watercolour paper tends to absorb any moisture int the air making the layers of paint to take longer to dry.  Each of these lily pads took about 5-6 washes to complete.  Hence the amount of time.  Of course the little leopard frog moved away from me and I had to wander about the pond to get a look at its little face in order to finish up.

Particular Pansies - En Plein Air - by Helen Shideler

I have never seen pansies in this particular colour range previous to today.  So, I had to paint them. While painting in Rob and Jean Northrup's fabulous gardens, I was reminded about how interesting little no-see-ums are and how their bite burns! Crazy.  Such a painful bite from such a teeny tiny little bug!!!

Helga Lobb and Cheryl Crowley

And the best part of events like these you ask?  Why catching up with fellow artists and chatting as you work!   What a great day!