Happy Canada Day

The best intentions do not always go according to plan

The Dyke at Red Head

Had the day planned.  Painting in the morning in Red Head.  Got up.  The sun was shining. Yes a wonderful day to paint.  Loaded up the car and drove into Saint John.  As we approached town you could not help but notice the fog.  Heavy fog over the Bay.  Fog so think you could not see Partridge Island, my intended target for the day.

Anyway I set up my easel.  Got my pallet out, poured water into the funny blue cup you see there on the easel.  And one of the legs slipped.  Water went everywhere.  So I cleaned up that mess.  Poured some more water into the cup and did not like where I positioned the easel.  So I carefully moved it ever so gently to the side.  And what should happen?  Well the leg collapsed yet again and I dove to save the set up.   

The water in the funny cup landed on my chest!  I was soaked from the neck down! And my nice little grey and white t-shirt caught my palette and is not dotted with vibrant watercolour gobs. Oh well.  

When you looked at the sky it was pretty monochrome.  Various shades of pale grey.  Fog. But I could feel the sun trying to come out.  By the time I painted the foggy sky and a bit of the water, the fog had lifted enough to see the island and the breakwater.

Success!  Only not really. I am not satisfied with the painting. I love colour and this is well...too pale for me.  I will be back the first sunny day to get it right.  Oh, on time for the Fundy Group of Plein Air  Painters show at eh Saint John Arts Centre opening next Friday!  No pressure at all.