WIP Pretty in Pink completed

I love the feeling of satisfaction when I finally determine a painting is completed.  I am done with the squinty eyes and scrutinizing - it is really time to put down the paintbrushes and was off my palette.

Pretty in Pink watercolour by Helen Shideler

When I get near the completion of a painting I spend quite a bit of time assessing and reassessing it and second guessing myself.   This is a normal part of the painting process. I want to ensure the warm tones are balanced over the painting and that the cooler tones are the right shade and intense enough to capture the perspective I wanted to achieve.  I am very happy with the result.

I like to work in a series.  I have been sifting and sorting through my reference materials and notes to determine what will come next.  There will be at least two more 1/2 sheet watercolour florals and one large acrylic in my near future.

Pretty in Pink will be custom framed and is available on by website

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