Demo Poured Painting Colours of Autumn

Yesterday was such a nice day.  I had the opportunity to paint at the Hooper's Studio in Hampton with some really great folks.  This is the kick off weekend for their Small Works Show and they invited a number of us to participate.

I worked on a demo poured painting piece.  The first photo is the painting with all the layers of masking compound still on. 

The finished painting is below.  As this was a demo, I had to take some "short cuts" to try to get it done in a day.  Typically I prefer to pour one colour in a session.  For this piece I had to pour two and sometimes three colours in one session.  I liked the way the colours mingled on the wet paper but the paler washes were a bit overwhelmed by the deeper and/or brighter shades. I also had to use the hair dryer to speed up the mask and pours.  Week.  I never like to use a hairdryer with masking.  Oh well.

Autumn Colours by Helen Shideler

Once I removed the mask I went in and enhance the painting with a few strategic washes and a bit of detail brushwork.  Overall I am quite happy with the outcome.  This is an 8 x 10 Painting matted in an archival mat and in a cello envelope.  It is available on my web site.

yours truly, Joe Pach, Mary Kay O'Brien, David MacKay

yours truly, Joe Pach, Mary Kay O'Brien, David MacKay